Tech Lead Roadmap

Hiya! The Tech Lead Roadmap is a continuation of the Senior Developer Roadmap

Clone it on Github!

I also added a checklist version of the roadmap, with a few links to resources.
TIP: Go to File > Make a Copy so you can have your own checkable copy of the checklist.

Got questions or thoughts about the map? Please leave me a comment, any feedback is welcome! ⤵️

Some areas where this can help you upskill towards leading teams:

#Motivation 🤩

> How to align team goals with personal member’s goals.

#TechnicalVision 🔭

> Cast the tech strategy so people can work independently while still staying aligned.

#Visualization 📊

> Diagramming is important for conveying ideas quickly to stakeholders and team members alike.

#Delegating 🤲

> Cascade tasks down without being heavy-handed.


> Ensuring the team works well while still growing in their respective roles.

#DealingWithConflict 🗯️

> Devs sometimes rub people the wrong way. Here’s help how you can show the others to get along better with teammates and others in the org.

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