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I’d like to share with you a few email courses I’ve made. The topics range from habit formation to community building to portfolio creation. Each course is composed of short lessons that are a mix of video, text and emojis. When I offered these classes before, the students said that they were easy to follow and quick to do. I hope you can say the same (and give me feedback how to make them better).

If you find them useful, please share them with your friends!

start better habits

Start Better Habits

This is a class I started to both help others build good habits as well to incentivize me to start a few good habits of my own. But good isn’t enough so I chose to add “better” to the title instead. 😆

In this course, you’ll learn how habits work and what life hacks you can do to start a habit and stick to it long term. I’ve also included some success stories in the mix to show you that you can achieve your goals just as much as the next guy.

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create your resume and portfolio

Create Your Resume and Portfolio

Companies are always on the look out for great people, but the question is: how can you show that you’re one of the better choices out there? The solution is to make your work speak for itself by creating an online portfolio.

This course can be a bit tougher than most, since you need to create case studies and document your projects. But I assure you that once you do, you’ll not only get a good job but possibly even land a position that’s beyond your expectations.

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facebook group online community

Start and Grow Your Facebook Group

There’s no easier way to start an online community than making a Facebook Group. But while it’s easy to start, it can be hard to grow and engage a group of strangers who haven’t met face-to-face.

This course is meant to help you manage all the aspects of running an FB group, from recruitment to hiring a team to earning from it. It’s more intense than my previous courses since there’s a lot to learn, that’s why it’s listed last. Don’t let that stop you though: a Facebook group is one of the most worthwhile online investments you can make with your time and effort.

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