Hello, I’m Glenn!

I’ve been a technology professional for over 10 years. My mission is to help developers become leaders and as such, I’m more focused on the people and process side of engineering management.

Here are some of the things I’ve built:


A community of engineering leaders that focuses on learning, helping each other, and raising up the next generation of tech leaders.

Senior Developer Roadmap

A roadmap that developers can follow to upskill into a senior role. Since a senior role leans more towards leadership and higher level thinking, this document focuses on those skill sets. There is also a checklist version of the roadmap for people who prefer that version.


An ecommerce service marketplace in the Philippines that aims to connect buyers and sellers. Grows an average of 29% per year, with 7,000 MAU. Designed and developed the platform itself, wrote most of the content, designed the process flows, and even made an Android webview app for it.

Mobile Application Development using App Inventor (Book)

A programming book I wrote teaching teens how to create mobile apps by using App Inventor by MIT. I used a "learning-by-doing" approach, letting students learn concepts and principles by building the mobile apps themselves. Topics include principles for designing a mobile user interface, event handling for mobile actions
, creating application logic
, and usability for mobile apps.

TraxionPay v2

The transactions and authentication API that powers the company's payment mobile and webapps. Built on an OpenAPI standard (Swagger) and build with security and scalability in mind using NestJS. Designed the architecture and led the team behind this project.

Cash Deposit Machine Backend System and APIs

A backend system with APIs for management of cash deposit machines / ATMs. This system allows remote management of the machines while securing transaction data via encryption and strict permissions. Completed with minimal rework and fast turnaround (1 month of development)

Cash Logistics DPU System and APIs

A secure web-based cash logistics backend system using Node.js and Express built with minimal rework. This reduced required operations headcount by 66%, provides real time visibility to transactions, and increased accountability via a maker/checker system.
WordPress blog content offer

Create Content Offers Instantly From Your Blog Posts

A WordPress plugin that converts long form articles into checklists, which can then be used as a content offer in exchange for the reader's email address.

Developer Mentorship Program

A mentorship program to help developers become leaders. The backend is a low-code platform that helps create the best matches between developers and mentors. The focus is on upskilling devs in leadership, communications, and other soft skills

AC Motors

An automotive ecommerce website for brands such as Volkswagen, Honda, and Kia. Here you can check vehicle specs, ask questions via chat and reserve vehicles.


A recruitment portal that both functions as a careers page as well as an internal applicant tracking system. It runs a resume and job parsing engine that makes applying for a role easier for both the hiring manager and the applicant.

Time Tracking Tool

A Time Tracking Tool (T3) which is used to track manhours spent on projects, generate reports and keep projects on time and on budget.

Resume and Job Post Parsing

A command line app for comparing the skills in your resume to the skills in a job posting. It's the first step to a future machine learning powered resume app I am making. Behind the scenes, it uses document parsing, web crawlers and tons of regular expressions.

Bihasa – Reviewers for Licensure Examinees

A mobile-first webapp that makes reviewing for exams fun and social via colorful screens, short snackable quizzes, quests, digital rewards, leaderboards, and streaks. Uses spaced repetition and a databank of past exam questions. (previously named QuizMe)

I have experience in every aspect of software development, including software architecture, programming, software QA, project management, infrastructure, DevOps, UI/UX, IT support, and cybersecurity.

If you need help leading and managing a team of software engineers, I’d be happy to help any way I can!

Let’s connect: