Need a Simple Custom Plugin for WordPress? I Can Build It for You

I’ve been writing about how to make WordPress plugins a lot lately. While I encourage everyone to try creating a simple custom plugin on their own, I also realize that not everyone is inclined to do so.

You might not have the time to spend learning and building a plugin. Or you might have tried building one but discovered that coding really isn’t for you.

If you don’t have the time to build a plugin but still want to add a simple feature or function to your WordPress site, let’s talk and I might be able to build the plugin for you.

If it’s a really useful plugin that we definitely need to share to the world, I can build it for free and then upload it here for everyone to download. We’ll work together to iron out the kinks and you have first dibs in installing it.

For plugins that need a bit of extra elbow grease to make or if you don’t want it to be publicly available, you can also hire me to build it for you. I can both create something from the ground up or modify an existing plugin for your company’s private use.

Interested in getting your plugin idea made?
Post a comment below with your idea, email me or send me a message.

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